“Innovator James Patrick Judge Sr. – Remembering a Legacy of Concrete Pump Advancement”


Obituary: Celebrating the Life of James Patrick Judge Sr., 78, a Concrete Pump Innovator | Engineering News-Record

At the age of 78, renowned concrete pump innovator, James Patrick Judge Sr. has passed away. This website pays tribute to his immense legacy and honors the remarkable life he has led.

Introducing James Patrick Judge Sr.

James Patrick Judge Sr. was born in 1941 in the city of Hyannis, Massachusetts. A proud descendant of the Irish Judge family, James had one passion that has driven him from the start – engineering innovation, specifically in the realm of concrete pumping. Just three years after graduating from college, James had already invented two pieces of patented machinery – much to the amazement of his peers.

Achievements of James Patrick Judge Sr.

One of James Patrick Judge Sr.’s major accomplishments includes inventing the multi-pump system turntable, a technological breakthrough in the world of concrete distribution. His turntable was a complicated machine that lifted, maneuvered and installed up to 8 concrete pumps simultaneously, drastically improving productivity and project developments around the world.

In his lifetime, James earned 35 U.S. and international patents in the engineering field, making him one of the most innovative engineers in the globe. In 1998, he went a step further and formed the Judge Equipment Corporation – a family-owned business established to provide superior concrete pumping systems.

Impact of James Patrick Judge Sr. in the Engineering Community

The pioneering technology introduced by James brought about a revolutionary assembly for combatting concrete overages and damages, especially in tight spaces. His advancements have made a life-long impact on the concrete pumping industry, transforming it for the better. He was even rewarded with two prestigious awards – the Gold Medal of The Institution of Structural Engineers, United Kingdom and The President’s Gold Medal for Meritorious Achievement, American Engineering Council.

Legacy of James Patrick Judge Sr.

James Patrick Judge Sr. may have gone, but his genius engineering style and vision for innovation lives on. Without a doubt, his works have laid a solid groundwork and successfully inspired many generations to come to make massive strides in the world of engineering.

Remembering a True Son of Hyannis, Massachusetts

James Patrick Judge Sr.’s contributions, although no longer here physically, will long be remembered and honored. Hyannis, indeed the world, will deeply miss this professional engineer who gave so much to the engineering industry. May his soul rest in peace.