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Clickbait Title: Unpaid Work Leads to Legal Battle: Contractors Sue Heywood Hospital for Half $1 Million
Eye-Opening Supreme Court Case: Heywood Hospital Sued by Contractors for Unpaid Work

Heywood Hospital Facing Legal Battle Over $500K Worth of Unpaid Work
Contractors Take Legal Action Against Heywood Hospital: Adjourning Payment of Half $1 Million

Enforcing Mechanic’s Lien: Contractors Sue Heywood Hospital for Failure to Pay Invoices

Looming Financial Stress: Heywood Hospital Facing Lawsuit Over Unpaid Construction Work

Unveiling the Legal Drama: Contractors Sue Heywood Hospital for Unpaid Work

Heywood Hospital Facing Half $1 Million Lawsuit from Contractors for Unpaid Work

Heywood Hospital is faced with a legal battle after a contractor has filed a suit, claiming that they are still owed a total of $500,000 for work done on the facility’s new surgical pavilion. The project was put on pause in June due to complications in the project’s legal and financial structure. In response, Heywood Hospital declared bankruptcy in October of the same year.

S & F Concrete Contractors of Hudson is the name of the contractor that has filed the lawsuit in Worcester County Superior Court. According to the lawsuit that was filed in November, S & F Concrete entered into a contract with Consigli Construction in May to provide labor, equipment, and materials (specifically concrete) for the project. It was expected that the cost of labor, equipment, and materials would amount to a total of $1,757,000. However, additional labor and materials requested by Consigli ended up raising this number to $1,924,763.

The downfall of the project began in July when both Waterstone Properties Group and Heywood Green Street LLC, two companies listed as defendants in the case, failed to pay Consigli Construction on time. Since these two parties failed to pay, S & F Concrete is now left with an unpaid invoice of $529,797 (not including disputed or pending change orders). In response to this, the contractor is suing the four defendants, which also includes Heywood Hospital, for enforcement of a mechanic’s lien in the amount of $529,797 plus interest, costs, and attorney’s fees. Additionally, the contractor is asking the court to foreclose on the Heywood Hospital property in order to satisfy the unpaid amount.

The contractor has yet to receive a formal response from Heywood Hospital or its legal representation. This brings to attention the amount of financial stress Heywood Hospital is currently facing and the legal drama that is now unfolding before us. It remains to be seen how this case will unfold, and how it will all end.